San Antonio: Big’z Burger Joint

I’m so glad there is no shortage of great burger places in San Antonio. Big’z happens to be one of them and major perk for me, it’s also really family friendly.

As in, lots of room for littles to acceptably roam around, dig in the dirt and throw balls. You can also choose how close you want to be to them and their wildness as both locations have inside and outside seating areas.

Their menu is pretty straight forward- 100% ground angus beef, whatever toppings you want on it (lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, fried eggs, refried beans, slaw, chili…etc) and add a side of fries, rings, chips, sweet potato fries. They have a chicken and veggie option which I’ll admit, I thought were going to be a sad excuse for a burger joints attempt to please everyone but to my pleasant surprise they were both very good.

Messy, but good. I did add an egg to both of them so that might have made them extra messy, but where’s the fun in a tidy burger anyway? They also have a couple of delicious hot dog options incase you’ve already hit your burger quota for the week.

If you’re not up to putting your own burger together they have a handful of fun ones to choose from and this is my favorite: the chalupa burger. It has a tostada (because I’m always putting chips on my burgers anyway), pico, lettuce, refried beans and cheese. I suggest adding avocado too. With the crunch and sturdiness of the tostada you can add all the messy ingredients you want. The fries are good, the onion rings are good, the shakes are good and I can eat in peace, while my foods still hot and I’m sitting down. Also because my kids are cute we’ve been given a few 1/4lb cookies for free. Try one, they’re awesome.

Big’z Burger Joint

$$$$ Burgers, Salad, Sandwiches

2303 N Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, TX 78258 210-408-2029

Big’z Burger Joint #2

$$$$ Burgers

10106 TX-151, San Antonio, TX 78251 210-543-2029

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