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I am in love with two things in this world: the islands of Hawaii and hamburgers. One of my all time favorite hamburger joints in Hawaii has made it’s way to Utah, via food truck. I am too stoked for words because Seven Brothers is fresh, delicious, and extremely family oriented!

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My favorite burger is the paniolo burger. Paniolo is a word used to describe Hawaiian cowboys. You can see where this is going, right? The paniolo burger is stacked high with fresh grilled pineapple, 2 strips of bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, 2 monster onion rings and topped with paniolo BBQ sauce. My mouth isn’t big enough to fit the whole thing inside, but I’ve seen it done. If you’re small like me, eat one of the onion rings by itself and you’ll have to problems whatsoever enjoying this tall cowboy burger.

Seven Brothers Shem Burger + femalefoodie.comSeven Brothers Shem Burger +

Another popular burger is the Shem burger, being named after one of the seven brothers. The Shem burger is topped with the usual lettuce and tomato, but also sits nicely with homemade guacamole, 2 strips of bacon, and house sauce (a delicious version of fry sauce). But no Shem burger is complete without home fries. Seven Brothers offers thinly sliced potato fries that are seasoned and fried to perfection. I personally like piling them in my Shem burger, but the fries can definitely hold their own outside of the burger.

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Story time! When I was a student at Brigham Young University – Hawaii, I had the privilege of working for the owners of Seven Brothers, the Hannemann family. I worked at their first establishment (which at the time was called Kahuku Grill). Eventually, the owners expanded a second location to Laie, Hawaii and Seven Brothers was born. The name of the new establishment was inspired by the seven sons of the owners, who are all awesome guys (and I heard that the youngest one is still single)!

All of the brothers contributed to the family business, their goal being to provide the community and it’s visitors with a true Hawaiian experience, rich with surf and beach culture. What keeps me coming back to Seven Brothers is the feeling that I am a member of the family. At each establishment, there is a spirit of love that comes from the Hawaiian spirit of Aloha. Whenever I leave Seven Brothers, I feel significantly better about life and myself. I feel like I belong, which is one of the greatest feelings in the world. The Seven Brothers mantra is “more than a meal” – I’ll be the first to say that visiting Seven Brothers has always been more than a meal for me.

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Now Arizona and Utah can be part of the family too! There are food trucks in both states. Upon my last visit to the Utah food truck, I learned that Seven Brothers will open a restaurant in Saratoga Springs come September (and possibly another location in Provo). Before you leave this page, you need to follow Seven Brothers on Instagram or Facebook. They post where they are and when they’re open every day. Come be a part of the family! Come and enjoy the food and the love.

Seven Brothers UT +

If you have plans to visit Hawaii soon, you NEED to stop at the Hannemann’s two other Seven Brothers locations: Seven Brothers at the Mill (previously known as Kahuku Grill) & Seven Brothers Laie. The food trucks in Arizona and Utah are amazing, but they do not offer the yummy dinner plates or salads that are offered in Hawaii.

Seven Brothers at the MIll (Hawaii) +

My all time favorite dish at the Mill is the hand battered coconut macadamia nut shrimp. It’s seriously what dreams are made of. The shrimp is fresh, crunchy, sweet and tasty. There’s always the garlic lovers shrimp plate, if sweet things aren’t your forte. You seriously cannot go wrong with either of these dishes.

Seven Brothers at the Mill + femalefoodie.comSeven Brothers at the Mill +

There’s something for everyone at Seven Brothers. There are shrimp and fish plates, delicious and fresh salads, burgers, sandwiches as well as desserts. Out of all of these things, I recommend Seth’s bleau bacon salad, the grilled herb ahi steak plate, Seek’s Pesto burger, the Bruce Irons burger, Mom’s homemade banana bread sundae, and treat yourself to one of their shakes, preferably chocolate.

Seven Brothers at the Mill +

You don’t want to miss out on this family business or the fun they provide! The food and the feeling of being part of the family is worth it! Mahalo for reading, and aloha!

Seven Brothers Burgers

$$ Burgers, Salad, American (Traditional)

731 N Redwood Road #100, Saratoga Springs, UT 84045


Seven Brothers Truck AZ (The Soda Shop on Baseline & Greenfield, AZ, 85234//808.852.1140)

Seven Brothers (55-510 Kamehameha Hwy, Laie, HI 96762//808.744.6440)

Seven Brothers “at the Mill” (56-565 Kamehameha Hwy, Kahuku, HI, 96731//808.852.0040)