Spice Bistro in Salt Lake City, UTThe quest for good Indian food in Salt Lake City is real, you guys. My husband and I drive past this place all the time and finally we decided to stop in and see what it was about, and we were super impressed! We got there for a late lunch/early dinner and we were the only ones in the restaurant. Their lunch buffet had just ended and we were able to have the soft flow of the waterfall and the intricate decor to ourselves.

We ordered a plate of garlic cheese naan and each got a different type of curry – mine was the chicken tikka masala (their specialty) and his was the coconut chicken curry. As we waited, we watched a cricket game on the TV over the bar and admired the restaurant’s ornamentation and grounds.

Spice Bistro is huge and decorated flawlessly, which is one thing that I think is missing from a lot of Indian restaurants in the Salt Lake area. They also have a large outdoor event area and patio for warm weather. I couldn’t stop looking around!

Spice Bistro in Salt Lake City, UTWhen our food arrived we were pleasantly surprised to find it was even better than we had hoped for. The curry was seasoned impeccably and the chicken on both dishes was succulent and cooked to perfection. I loved my tikka masala – it was powerful, flavorful, and intense – and thought the coconut curry was a little sweeter and not quite as energetic, but just as good.

You can never go wrong with naan, no matter what kind you get, and the garlic cheese variety did not disappoint.

Chicken Tikka Masala at Spice Bistro in Salt Lake City, UTCoconut Chicken Curry at Spice Bistro in Salt Lake City, UTIf you’re looking for high quality traditional Indian food along with a beautiful dining experience, head over to Spice Bistro!

I can’t wait to go there again and try out their lunch buffet, even more types of curry, and maybe even some of their Indo-Chinese options. See you there soon!

Garlic Cheese Naan at Spice Bistro in Salt Lake City, UTSpice Bistro (6121 South Highland Drive, Holladay, UT // 801.930.9855)