Jersey Eats: Summit Greek GrillWelcome to Summit Greek Grill, where Breakfast is a secret star with menu items that range from omelets to breakfast sammies to pancakes. But what you really need to try here is the banana, strawberry, and Nutella topped french toast. I actually went to brunch somewhere else the day before I stopped by SGG, and the french toast looked amazing, so I decided to fill my craving here.

Jersey Eats: Summit Greek GrillJust look at all of the bananas! And strawberries! And NUTELLA! And the sheer size of the french toast itself! Would you believe I got all of this for only $8?! It was the most delicious $8 I’ve ever spent. I love going to SGG because the owner is always there, and you can see the effort that goes into each plate, even something as simple as french toast. I’m not ashamed to say I ate every last bite (and was tempted to lick the plate clean) of all that french toasty goodness.

Jersey Eats: Summit Greek GrillSummit Greek Grill (90 Summit Ave, Summit, NJ // 908.277.6418)

Photos & Writing: Genna Mordaga
NYC/NJ Female Foodie
Instagram: @gennalillie