Washington DC: SweetGreen

Sweetgreen is my go-to for a fresh and healthy salad. This company sources local and organic ingredients from farmers they know and each store has a chalk board that lists the sources of each ingredient. It’s so awesome to know that with each salad I purchase, I’m supporting a local farmer. Since opening in 2007, they’ve expanded to 39 locations in 6 states and DC! But the first location was just down the street in Georgetown.

I tasted Sweetgreen’s Harvest Bowl for the first time based on a friend’s recommendation. Its base is organic wild rice & shredded kale, topped with apples, sweet potatoes, toasted almonds, local goat cheese, roasted chicken, and balsamic vinaigrette. So delicious and nice to have some warm rice on a chilly winter day with the fresh fruit and vegetables. Sometimes I get a wild hair and try one of their seasonal salad options, but my signature favorites are the Rad Thai and the Spicy Sabzi. My husband always orders the Guacamole Greens. It’s so easy to find a favorite or two. Sweet greens, indeed!

SweetGreen: Capitol Hill (221 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington DC // 202.547.9338)

Photos & Writing: Sara Swabb
Washington DC Female Foodie
Instagram: @saraswabb

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