Orange County: T.K. Burger

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If you’re a regular Newport Beach traveler, you’ll know that one of the boardwalk staples, along with Seaside Donuts, is T.K. Burger. After, yes after, you’ve had your handful of dessert donut holes, head over and get a good ol’, down to earth, savory burger from T.


T.K. is a popular joint to all surfers and travelers alike. Not only is the food satisfying, but the restaurant itself is appealing to the eyes. Due to the abundant amount of stickers coating every open spot, awesome antique surf photos, classic surfboards hanging from the ceiling, and the salt water wind blowing through the wide open windows, this place screams the authentic California feel.

Whatever you decide to sink your teeth into, make sure to add a side of fries.

These, mixed with a scrumptious burger with their special T.

K. sauce, will leave you feeling satisfied for the rest of your day of relaxing on the beach or riding bikes along the boardwalk. Keep your tastebuds satisfied and your fingers salty. A stop at T.K. Burger will complete your Newport vacation.

T.K. Burgers (2119 W.Balboa Blvd. Newport, CA. // 949.673.3438)

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