Female Foodie San Antonio - Tacos El ForasteroI pass this taco truck everyday on my way home. I had a minute with just the hubs before running errands sans kiddos (aka the most productive thing ever) and we decided to swing by for a quick bite.

Female Foodie San Antonio -Tacos El ForasteroFemale Foodie San Antonio - Tacos El ForasteroThe couple that runs it were super helpful and gave us the run down and allowed us to try each type of meat before ordering. Like most places, you’ll have your choice of meat – Pastor (marinated, rotisserie cooked and shaved pork), Barbacoa (meat steamed or slow cooked over an open flame), Asada (grilled and thinly sliced flank steak) and Carnitas (pork braised in fat until awesome). Some places have a couple more options that differ but these are the basics, and everyones family recipe is different. And so are their cooking methods so forgive me if you’ve heard different mmmk 😉  Most of what I learned in school about Central American food was brief and historically based. Nowadays people are changing things up and making everything their own. Also, you can’t roast and entire animal over a spit in your food truck, so you make adjustments.

Female Foodie San Antonio - Tacos El Forastero-6Here I recommend the carnitas and pastor. Love simple tacos with just cilantro and onion, and thats just what this was. The Torta was also tasty, but I’m a big fan of a juicy, messy sandwich with a whole lotta goodness going on.

Female Foodie San Antonio - Tacos El Forastero-8While we were there quite a few people stopped by to get tacos to-go and seemed well acquainted with the owner. He’s from Mexico and has had this truck for 2 years and I hope he stays in my hood.  If you ever find your self in the booming residential Northwest section of San Antonio, it’s a nice quick lunch stop, he’s just behind the Valero on FM1560 and Shaenfield, you know….where all fancy places are located 😉

Female Foodie San Antonio -Tacos El Forastero-9Tacos El Forastero (1178 Shaenfield Rd. San Antonio, TX // 210.238.6327)