female foodie san antonio - taqueria datapointThis little place was born of neccesity and now a staple.

 A tiny little restaurant crammed in a strip mall on oober crowded and busy Medical Drive. Sometimes I (and the kiddos) need to pick up my husband from work. Since I’ve made a rule of never driving between the hours of 5 and 7, we needed a place close to his work to lay low while traffic died down. (I’m not a pleasant rush hour driver, it makes me insane.)

female foodie san antonio - taqueria datapointThis taqueria knows meat. The carnitas and barbacoa are my favorite, with the pastor close behind. Very flavorful and rich, not greasy and pair well with the fresh onions, lime and cilantro the meat usually comes with, whether it be tacos, burritos, or for me today, gorditas. Their masa for the gorditas and their corn tortillas is worth it in a big way. The flavor compliments the meat so much better than flour tortillas. Even though they are also fresh and delicious.

female foodie san antonio - taqueria datapointSimply served with tomato, avocado, lettuce, rice and beans. It’s most certainly a fun time trying to get bits of everything on your fork for that perfect bite. The steady hum of the fresh veggies, is just what the meat needs to be whole. The beans were also really well flavored and my guess, not low fat 😉

My husband, who won their hearts because he can speak Spanish, ordered the carne asada. By the way, Spanish is the preferred language here meaning you’ll probably be greated and spoke to in Spanish until you indicate otherwise. The first time I came I thought I was so cool because I responded in Spanish.

The minute we got past “hola” and “como estas”, I was fresh out of words and not feeling so cool anymore. Don’t worry, they speak English here too, just not right off the bat. It’s kind of fun that way. Anyway, back to the food. His steak was flavorful and tender and on a bed of cactus, which I love; soft, tangy and tart and goes really well with the grilled steak, beans and rice.

female foodie san antonio - taqueria datapointLast but not least, the mini tacos are a perfect lunch. You can choose any meat you want and they serve it up with classic onions, cilantro and lime. If you’re not used to your tacos this way, trust me and try it! More is not always better and often times its used to compensate for a lack of something. It’s like a 4 part harmony in your mouth. You can taste everything separately, but together it’s a whole new thing. I went out on a limb this time and got the mixa tacos, which were the asada, pastor, tripa and carnitas. Very strong on it’s own, but perfect combined with everything else.

And like most places in San Antonio, they also have breakfast tacos so don’t let the time of day deter you. And because they’re near the medical center, they’re open super late for those of us who have second dinner around 12 😉

female foodie san antonio - taqueria datapointTaqueria Datapoint (4063 Medical Dr, San Antonio, TX 78229 // 210.615.3644)