San Francisco: Tartine Bakery

If you knew the amount of hours I spent researching GOOD FOOD before any given vacation, you’d be embarrassed to know me. We’re talking spread sheets, phone calls, emails, the works. What does this have anything to do with Tartine, a bakery located in San Francisco’s Mission District??

After compiling each and every one of my resources, Tartine Bakery was the *number one* most recommended eatery in all of San Francisco. Number one people!! More than any fresh seafood joint, donut shop, pizzeria, or brunch joint. I knew it was worth a drop by.

Sure enough, Tartine Bakery was worth the hype. I’ll obviously have to go back and visit because there was a beautiful and enormous case full of beautiful baked goods from pastries to cakes to tarts to cookies and I settled for two items. After deliberating and being extremely indecisive, I decided on two items: the banana cream tart and a classic chocolate croissant. Both recommended by a thoughtful gentlemen who gave me the rundown after learning it was my first time there.

The tart was creamy and infused with rich, fresh bananas.

Perfectly soft on the inside, beautifully buttery homemade crust, and thinly sliced wedges of dark chocolate for a delectably dark and bitter finish. The chocolate croissant, or formally known as the “pain au chocolat” was perfectly flaky in every way. This Valhrona chocolate filled pastry is a great “first thing” to try at Tartine Bakery.

You could definitely say it was gone in a hurry!

Why is Tartine Bakery one of the most sought after foodie spots in SF let alone one of the best bakeries? Because they’re consistent, delicious, and create the best flaky, buttery pastries you can find for miles. Worth the wait and definitely worth a stop on your next trip to San Fran! Looking forward to trying their morning bun, brioche bread pudding, devil’s food cake, and hot-pressed prosciutto sandwich.

Tartine Bakery (600 Guerrero St, San Francisco, CA // 415.487.2600)

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