What food evokes childhood memories? What food is perfect for anytime of the year? Which food is the comfiest of comfort foods? My friends, the answer to all these questions is a grilled cheese sandwich. We’ve all been there: the go-to childhood meal, the quick and cheap college dinner. Since we all have to grow up at some point, Cravings Bistro has provided us with the “gourmet grilled cheese for grown ups.

” I don’t know about you guys, but I always need helping adulting, and sometimes a grilled cheese sandwich is just the thing.  

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The sandwiches made at Cravings Bistro are made on french bread but there is wheat available upon request. There are three different sandwich sizes to choose from: petite (which is half of a sandwich), regular (your classic sandwich cut in half), and manly (the hulk version of a grilled cheese that is double deckered). Personally, the regular sandwich is the perfect size. I leave feeling satisfied, without the pains of being overly full.

Right upfront, you should know that the signature sandwich served at the bistro is a signature for a reason; it’s incredible. The Ultimate BLT is artfully layered with candied bacon, lettuce, tomato, sliced avocado, cheddar cheese, pepper jack cheese, and spread with their house caramelized red onion mayo. My first bite into the Ultimate BLT was a rewarding experience. I’ll never forget it. My next favorites are the Monte Cristo and the Turkey Bacon Avocado. They are all delicious!


My all-time favorite thing at Cravings Bistro is the dollar cup called a “dipper.” Whoever thought to sell a tiny cup of soup, just for the sole purpose of dipping your grilled cheese, is a genius and I love them. I usually order their tomato basil soup in a “dipper” cup, and it has warmed my heart every time.


I’m also fond of the atmosphere and overall look of Cravings Bistro. It’s definitely a family oriented restaurant, and I have never seen it empty. There is tons of space, so even if the place is packed, you won’t feel overwhelmed or overcrowded. The look of the restaurant is cute and comfortable, with a lot of charm. I’ve overheard locals mention how they love the friendly staff and the clean environment.

Since good food can take time, there is often a wait between ordering and eating.

However, the food has always been hot and is definitely worth the wait. When you decide to go, make sure you bring people you love to talk to, and get ready for a yummy experience.

By the way, I brought a friend here that is gluten intolerant. The staff was super helpful and careful in helping her choose from things she could have. They were very courteous, which made the experience that much better.

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