Best Trader Joe's Snacks

As avid food lovers and frequent snackers, we feel confident in our assertion that Trader Joe’s is the snack capital of the world. So much so that when asked, “where are the snacks at TJ’s?” the only possible response is that it’s the entire store. Every aisle is lined with goodies, making it possible to spend hours at a time browsing the niche, novelty treats that are in never-ending supply. Trader Joe’s is truly, a snacker’s paradise. 

This munchy blessing is also a curse– how do you possibly choose which Trader Joe’s snacks to buy? Which are worth indulging in during your coveted snack time? It’s a quest for the ages, and one we took on with gladness. After scouring the aisles, confusing the cashiers with our cart at checkout, and devouring an obscene (and yet appropriate) amount of sweet and salty goodies, we proudly present to you our guide to the 17 best Trader Joe’s snacks.

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17. Old Fashion Cinnamon Graham Crackers

Old Fashion Cinnamon Graham Crackers

The Old Fashion Cinnamon Graham Crackers are a step above any other graham cracker. Thick and molassesey, these sweet (but not too sweet) cookies have gingerbread vibes that are deeply comforting with a cinnamon-sugar coating that satisfies the sweet tooth. Dunked in a glass of milk or eaten solo, these are the perfect late-night snack. Well, who are we kidding– they’re perfect any time. 

16. Choc Hazelnut Frooze Balls

Choc Hazelnut Frooze Balls

There are few protein bites that actually taste as good as they fuel, but the Choc Hazelnut Frooze Balls are an easy exception. Filled with a chocolate hazelnut spread that’s deeply reminiscent of Nutella and coated in fine desiccated coconut, these bites are like filling up on dessert. They aren’t over-the-top sweet, and their nutty, salty center complements their chocolate, cake-like structure. If you’re going the distance cycling, hiking, or have a long day of errands ahead, these are a great snack option that satiates with a little sweetness. 

15. Quinoa and Black Bean Infused Tortilla Chips

Quinoa and Black Bean Infused Tortilla Chips

Earthier than a regular white or yellow corn chip, the Quinoa and Black Bean Tortilla Chips are hearty, salty, and oh so good, making them one of the best Trader Joe’s snacks. They are thick and crunchy, with a wholesome, grain-forward bite that brings added nuance to this classically beloved chip. They’re good enough to eat on their own, but are also absolutely delicious paired with the smoky Trader Joe’s Pepita Salsa.

14. Many Things Snack Mix

Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Many Things Snack Mix

There’s never a bad occasion to eat an entire bag of Chex Mix, and Trader Joe’s version of this iconic snack, Many Things, is even better than the original. Between its honey peanuts, spicy seasoning, and salty, savory bread pieces, it manages to hit nearly every taste bud. Crunchy and complex, this is a snack destined for road trips and movie nights galore.

13. Mediterranean Style Hummus

Mediterranean Style Hummus

Creamy and earthy, the Mediterranean Style Hummus is a classic-style hummus with a zingy twist. Topped with roasted red bell peppers, nutty pine nuts, and lots of oregano, its flavor is a little more complex than your standard, traditional hummus. And, as far as premade hummus goes, this one feels fresh with a heavy garbanzo taste, just as it should! Eat it with crunchy pita chips or a handful of crisp veggies for an easy midday pick-me-up. 

12. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

A cult favorite for a reason, the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are a game changer. Much more balanced than the classic peanut butter cup, these salty-sweet treats don’t go overboard on the sugar and instead highlight the natural nuttiness of the peanuts. The snap of their perfectly tempered chocolate makes way for their lusciously creamy interior, celebrating the natural, no-brainer marriage of peanut butter and chocolate.

11. Meyer Lemon Cookie Thins

Meyer Lemon Cookie Thins

The Trader Joe Meyer Lemon Cookie Thins are truly ethereal. That may sound dramatic, but the truth is the truth. Wafer-thin with a perfect snap, these cookies bring all the lemony sweetness of a lemon tart into a single, crisp cookie. Between their buttery, flakey consistency and sweet yet tart lemon flavor, they are easy to pop in your mouth one right after the other. Soon, half the box is gone, and you’re already wondering when you need to go back and grab some more. Pair these with the Trader Joe’s blueberry goat chevre, and you will be on cloud nine. Promise. 

10. Organic Toasted Coconut Granola Bark

Organic Toasted Coconut Granola Bark

The Trader Joe’s Organic Toasted Coconut Granola Bark is a testament to chocolate and coconut as a match made in heaven. The granola is crunchy and deeply flavorful, with notes of warmth and nuttiness from the toasted coconut and oats. Covered in a thick layer of dark chocolate and an extra sprinkle of coconut, there’s little room for these to go wrong. Similar to a crunchy granola bar, this granola bark is sweeter, more nuanced, and definitely more delicious– an easy choice for one of the best Trader Joe’s snacks. 

9. Zhoug Sauce

Tortilla Chip in Zhoug Sauce

Zhoug is an incredibly underrated sauce, and it’s time it got its presence in the spotlight, because the truth is, it’s much more than just a condiment — it’s a bonafide snack. Delivering a warm, grounded spice through its fresh, herbaceous base, this Yemeni sauce can be eaten like a salsa with tortilla chips or added to crackers with a creamy, milky cheese (think fresh mozzarella). Regardless of how you snack on it, the most important thing is that you eat it. 

8. Chips in a Pickle

bag of Chips in a Pickle, Best Trader Joe's Snacks

A delicious ode to the original pickle, the Chips in a Pickle potato chips are everything you hope they’ll be. Crispy, salty, and completely binge-worthy. They have all the briny goodness of a salt and vinegar potato chip, but with much more complexity thanks to the copious amounts of visible dill that has been dusted across their surface. It’s the best pickle snack you’ll get that’s not an actual pickle. Bring them along on road trips, picnics, or dive into a bag mid-afternoon for a guaranteed pick-me-up. 

7. Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Butterscotch Caramels

Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Butterscotch Caramels

The Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Butterscotch Caramels are a natural choice when it comes to choosing a sweet snack. They bring so many iconic salty-sweet food combos into one: chocolate and caramel, caramel and butterscotch, caramel and sea salt. Chewy from the caramel with a coating of creamy, melty chocolate and a hint of saltiness, these caramels are rich yet exceptionally balanced. Be warned, because after you eat one there’s no stopping until the bag is gone.

6. Chili & Lime Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips

Chili & Lime Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips

With the perfect balance of acidity and heat, the Chili & Lime Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips are one of the very best Trader Joe’s snacks and are the definition of addicting. As soon as they hit your tongue, these chips are at once bright and earthy, grounded by the chili and lightened by the lime. Their rolled shape makes them extra crunchy, transforming what would otherwise be a normal tortilla chip into a bingeable, nuanced snack. Our only advice? Pace yourself, if you can. The heat builds quickly! 

5. Soft & Juicy Mandarins

Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Soft & Juicy Mandarins

If you are a dried mango fan, the Trader Joe’s Soft & Juicy Mandarins are a must-try. Sweet like dried mangoes but a touch tangier, these dried orange slices distill all the sweetness of mandarin orange into the perfect bite. This is the ideal snack to take hiking, but they’re also a killer travel snack. Regardless of where you eat them, their tangy sweetness is as snackable as the oranges they’re made from.

4. Rice Cracker Medley

Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Rice Cracker Medley

Perhaps the most underrated Trader Joe’s snack, the Trader Joe’s Rice Cracker Medley is worth stocking up on every time you see it. Its blend of baked rice crackers gives that ever-coveted umami flavor, with seaweed and notes of soy sauce, vinegar, hot chilies, and spicy green peas (which are arguably the best part of the whole mix). Every cracker has its own distinct personality, which is all part of the magic. When eaten in fistfuls, as it should be, their flavors blend together to create an immensely addicting, savory snack. If you want a real treat, sneak it into movie theaters and eat it alongside your popcorn. Nothing can beat the real thing, but this nod to Hawaii’s Hurricane Popcorn is both fun and absolutely delicious. 

3. Organic Elote Corn Chip Dippers

Organic Elote Corn Chip Dippers

There is a lot of hype surrounding the Elote Corn Chip Dippers, and after a few bags of taste-testing, we are here to say that the hype is warranted. These frito-style corn chips are thick and crunchy, coated in a symphony of elote-forward flavors. They are surprisingly corny, with just a hint of smoky heat and a subtle touch of that signature queso-fresco saltiness. Insanely snackable, it should be no surprise when you’ve gone through your third bag and are already craving more. 

2. Almond Butter Almonds

Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Almond Butter Almonds

If you are a nut-butter lover (and who among us isn’t?!), this is the snack for you. The Almond Butter Almonds are exactly as nutty as you think they’d be, with a dose of sweetness from their almond butter coating that elevates it into something truly exceptional that makes it one of the very best Trader Joe’s snacks. Their texture is both crunchy and smooth, giving a delectable contrast to the average almond. Sweet and salty, leaning salty, these are perfect to enjoy out on the trail or as a quick dose of protein midday. 

1. Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels & Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels & Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels

You know you’ve found a winner when both variations are so good that you can’t choose which you like better. The Chocolate Covered Pretzels from Trader Joe’s are without question some of the best chocolate pretzels out there. The chocolate is great quality, and the pretzels are crunchy and salty, just as they should be. Robed in a perfect ratio of chocolate to pretzel, they are addicting in the very best way. If you’re looking for something a little richer with a creamier chocolate, go for the Milk Chocolate. The Dark Chocolate is a little more tempered, which gives it a stronger snap, and is a touch less sweet. You can’t really go wrong either way, but if you want the best of both worlds, mix both bags together in a big bowl and go to town. You can thank us later.