10 Gifts That Every Foodie Will Love | femalefodie.comWe all have a foodie friend. Or maybe that’s you! This list of 10 Black Friday Gifts That Every Foodie Will Love may be fitting if you:

a) take copious amounts of pictures of your breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner

b) center weekends, vacations, and holidays around food

c) or basically all of your life is centered around food

d) you follow a million food bloggers on Instagram

e) and you’re always dying to try the newest restaurants in town

f) your dream job is to be a judge on Chopped, or better yet a host on the Great British Baking Show

g) you have zero percent shame taking an overhead shot of something you ordered

h) and your friends do it too

i) but even if they don’t, they’re used to it

j) because you live and breathe nothing more than DELICIOUS FOOD

This essential list of 10 Black Friday Gifts That Every Foodie Will Love is an ode to my last several years of concentrated, dedicated life as a foodie. Eating out. Cooking in. Cookbook shopping. Farmer’s markets. Food blogs galore. And the list goes on and on. I hope that you’ll find something in my compiled list of favorites that you (or your fellow foodie friends) will LOVE! This post contains affiliate links.

10. Chocolate

Let it be known that a true foodie can never get enough chocolate. Especially the high quality stuff. I love giving chocolate for gifts because it has a long shelf life and it’s a classy way to show all types of friends and family that you love them.

9. Blogging Essentials

8. Beautiful Cutlery, Linens, and Mugs

Because if you’re going to get real with food photos (especially while you’re cooking at home), you need the props to go with. Check out some of the prettiest linens from the 2017 season below:

7. A Really Great Purse

I’ve always been a big purse girl. I typically always have a DSLR on hand and phone, wallet, gum, keys, you name it. Below are a a couple of my favorites on sale today:

6. Kitchen Gadgets

I love to cook and I absolutely love using high quality, resilient kitchen gadgets. I personally own all of the tools below and would JUMP at any of these deals!

5. A Classic White Tee

10 Gifts That Every Foodie Will Love | femalefodie.comIf you’re getting one article of clothing for a true foodie (and especially one who loves taking pictures of their beautiful food), buy them a classic, white t-shirt. They’ll love the natural bright background it gives to any dish and the subtle white tones it can cast on a plate of food. This gift suggestion might seem nerdy but the color you wear when you photography truly does affect the photos! Below are two fantastic classic white t-shirt Black Friday sales:

4. The Greatest Cookbooks of 2017

A true foodie loves a new cookbook. . There is something so timeless about collecting books with gorgeous pictures of food and home-cooked recipes. Some of hottest and most acclaimed from 2017 are listed below:

3. An SD Memory Card

10 Gifts That Every Foodie Will Love | femalefodie.com

If you’re into posting high-resolution DSLR images on social media like I am, then you’re probably sick and tired of emailing photos back and forth from your computer to your mobile device. I usually use the 32 GB FlashAir memory card because I love the ease of sharing pictures from my camera to my phone with one easy app, but today on Black Friday the best deals around with memory cards are listed below:


1.  A Really Nice Camera

10 Gifts That Every Foodie Will Love | femalefodie.comA true foodie believes that only good great pictures of food should be shared in order to do the meal justice. I will never forget the fall that I purchased my DSLR. In fact, that was just after I started blogging on Female Foodie. A picture may say 1,000 words but a great photo says 1 million. When people ask me whether they should make the leap and purchase a DSLR, I explain to them that they need to look at it as an investment. Not only can you capture incredible shots of delicious food, but you can use this camera to document every piece of your life.