Spent a weekend in San Francisco last month enjoying the sunshine, exploring the city’s districts, making friends with Uber drivers, and among other things, eating some incredibly good food. My boyfriend happened to scout out an amazing event called the Good Food Awards. What a guy.
There were tables and booths filled with chocolate, cheese, salame, younameit. We meandered our way about the award-winning food for a couple of hours, and eventually found ourselves in the “honey” conglomeration.
Hellllo Honey Ridge Farms table. One spoonful and we were immediately smitten by their delectable honey crèmes. I’ve pictured the clover honey crème and blackberry honey crème in this post, but they’ve got a stash of seven different flavors. Honey crème apricot, cranberry, lemon, raspbery, & spiced. Something for everyone.
So we tasted and talked and we tasted some more. Just as we were walking away, the kind woman at the booth insisted we try their balsamic honey vinegar. Twist my arm. This heaven-sent concoction is the perfect combination of sweet and tart. Honey Ridge recommends it as a great addition to salads, pan sauces for roasted meats, seafood or poultry, and vegetable dishes. As for me, I ate it with an (almost) entire loaf of bread.
Honey Ridge is a family-owned business out of Brush Prairie, Washington. Take a look at their site *here* to find Honey Ridge recipes, products, or a distributor near you. Big thanks to the Goetz family for getting this rolling. We sure think your honey crème comes straight out of heaven.
12310 NE 245th Ave.
Brush Prairie, WA 98606
(360) 256-0086