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We first started sharing restaurant-inspired recipes in 2020 to cope with the overnight shuddering halt of our favorite hobby: eating out. What started as a way to connect and recreate restaurant-like experiences at home, quickly became what is now considered a core part of the Female Foodie. Some of our first restaurant-inspired recipes are still some of our most popular today. Noteworthy mentions are the pink sauce pasta inspired by Mama D’s in Newport Beach, Montana’s Windmill Village Bakery-inspired doughnuts, and the Olive Oil Cake inspired by Tulie Bakery in Salt Lake City . We also had tremendous fun collaborating with remarkably talented chefs who have shared their original recipes that also remain reader favorites today, like the Pizza Jerk Rice Krisipies Treats, the Canard Steamburgers, the Hello Robin Mackles’more Cookies, and the Oquirrh Restaurant chicken pot pie.