We’ve already established how incredible Black Sheep Cafe is, (both including their Provo and Salt Lake City locations) but have you heard that they now do brunch?! Provo doesn’t have too many restaurants which offer a Saturday or Sunday brunch, so I’m ecstatic that Black Sheep decided to create a brunch menu. I already love their lunch and dinner options, so it’s no surprise that I love the brunch items they’ve come up with as well!

Brunch at Black Sheep Cafe
Brunch at Black Sheep CafeI am a big, big fan of brunch. Saturday brunch is a time for catching up with friends, relaxing after a hard week, and just enjoying some good food. One of my favorite dishes on Black Sheep’s brunch menu is Senor Elvis’ French Toast, which is served covered with cream cheese, fruit, Nutella-espresso syrup, and whipped cream, but I also love the savory options for a more hearty meal. The carnitas hash is full of flavor, expertly spiced, and topped with two perfectly fried eggs. Served with with a side of beans, this hash is one of more filling items on the menu and, in my opinion, perfect for sharing.

Brunch at Black Sheep CafeBrunch at Black Sheep CafeAnother great savory option is the green chile biscuits and gravy. The homemade biscuits are served absolutely drenched in gravy, which soaks into the bread and infuses it with a distinctive smoky flavor. With soft, buttery biscuits and thick gravy, what’s there not to love?

Brunch at Black Sheep Cafe

With a constantly changing menu, Black Sheep Cafe is an excellent new brunch spot to try out if you haven’t already. They’re also always on the lookout for new items to include on their brunch menu, so shoot them an email if you have any favorite dishes!

Black Sheep Cafe (19 N University Ave., Provo, UT 84601 // 801.607.2485)