Salt Lake City: Avenues Proper

Have you ever wondered if there is such a thing as too much benedict? I sure haven’t. But in the event that you actually have, just know that if you’re on the hunt in Salt Lake City, there’s one you’ve got to try before it’s all said and done. THIS eggs benedict is from Avenues Proper. It’s unique and satisfying but still hits the spot when it comes to egg-tastic brunch cravings.

If you haven’t been to the Avenues Proper, be sure to put it on your list. They’re typically known for their beer and incredible dinner items (not to mention their newly installed burger joint on the other side of town), but serve an incredible brunch on weekends only. And if you haven’t been for brunch, don’t wait as long as I did to enjoy their delicious breakfast items in a less crowded, brightly lit gorgeous restaurant.

My server was incredibly thoughtful and walked me through some of her menu favorites, including the breakfast nachos, farmers market hash, and finally the southwester benedict (cue- order). The combination of poached eggs, crispy cornbread, kale-bell pepper-red onion hash, pico de gallo hollandaise, and pickled jalapenos was more than enough to peak my interest.

And this, my friends, was just as delicious as it sounds. Avenues Proper did a fantastic job with an all-around classic using a couple of subtle yet bold twists. I’m a huge fan of cornbread anything and loved the sweet, corny taste this left in my mouth. The pico de gallo hollandaise was prepared to glutenous perfection and I loved the earthy crunch that the kale pieces added to the dish’s texture.

And because I had just gone on a run that morning, I justified ordering another small item off the menu at Avenues Proper- a homemade waffle served with warm maple syrup. It was simple, satisfying, and the perfect sweet note to end on after all of the savory deliciousness.

Next time I visit Avenues Proper for brunch I’ll look forward to not only trying the breakfast nachos and farmers market hash, but also the house made churros and chicken & waffles. Until next time.

Avenues Proper (376 8th Ave Salt Lake City, UT // 385.227.8628)

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