Best Desserts in Salt Lake City: Top 10 Recommendations

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Hi, my name’s Brooke. I like long walks, newborn puppies, and sugar after EVERY MEAL. I was thrilled when twins Brooke and Brittany at Fox13’s The Place asked me to share a post on best desserts in Salt Lake City. Heck yes. Formulating this post was effortless- second nature, really. I find few things more satisfying than topping off an already delicious dinner with a sweet, decadent dessert of some sort. Disclaimer: this list is a combination of items from sit down locations, chocolate shops, and bakeries. For further information on my favorite chocolate shops in Salt Lake City, click *here*. For carby deets on my favorite SLC bakeries, click *here*. 

“The Husband” from The Chocolate (9120 Redwood Road, West Jordan // 801.566.5330)

A list of the best desserts in Salt Lake City would be incomplete without mention of The Chocolate. Truly the best slice of “not homemade” homemade cake I have ever had. The Chocolate does a fantastic job of making you feel like you’re sitting at your mother’s kitchen table eating a slice of fresh-out-of-oven goodness. I’m a huuuuuuge sucker for a classic yellow cake with chocolate frosting and this one is the best in all the land. Real talk: “The Husband” was our wedding cake, just covered with a white buttercream frosting. Check out their locations in Orem or South Jordan for the best slice of cake you ever did try.

Nutella Pizza from Settebello (260 south 200 west, SLC // 801.322.3556)

Coming from a girl who loves Nutella, you absolutely, unequivocally NEED THIS DESSERT. House made pizza dough cooked in a wood-fired oven topped with fresh slices of strawberries, bananas, slivered almonds, Nutella, Nutella, more Nutella, and dusted with powdered sugar. Great dessert to share with a group of friends. You haven’t tried all of the best desserts in Salt Lake City until you try a slice of this beauty.

Peanut Butter Sundae from Leatherby’s (735 North Temple // 801.359.2525)

Leatherby’s will always remind me of the once-existing 5 Points Mall of my Davis County childhood. I remember being served enormous ice cream concoctions (my 6 year old self unwilling to share a BITE with anyone) and feeling a sense of silent satisfaction. Good news, people- the sundaes on North Temple are just as great. They’re still enormous, still covered in all the homemade fudge, and serve enough to split between two or three people. If you’re a peanut butter fan, be sure to get my pick, the peanut butter sundae. 

Chocolate Covered Raspberries from Hatch Family Chocolates (376 8th Ave // 801.532.4912)

Sometimes the most simple combinations make the best sweet treats. If you’re a chocolate lover you *must* make a stop at Hatch Family Chocolates for the chocolate covered raspberries, caramel pecan chocolates, peanut butter truffles, aztec salted caramels, home made ice cream, and (wait for it . . . ) their chocolate brownie sundae made with a  HOMEMADE brownie, HOMEMADE ice cream, and topped with HOMEMADE hot fudge sauce. Come to mama.

Fresh Gelato from Capo Gelato (260 south 200 west, SLC // 801.322.3556)

Owned by the creators of Settebello, this is the best gelato you can find in the city of Salt Lake. Period. Come here to find pans of delicious frozen concoctions including stracciatella (pictured), raspberry sorbetto, sweet cream, and coconut. They’ll give you a sample of any of their daily made flavors. Great spot after pizza next door or on a hot summer evening.

Donut Holes from Banbury Cross (705 South 700 East // 801.537.1433)

You haven’t met a donut until you consume one of these bad boys from SLC’s most popular donut joint, Banbury Cross. Kids love it, adults love it, cops love it (personal witness)- there’s a reason why they’re constantly packed. In addition to these little balls of deliciousness, have a go at their popular “crumb” donut, a fluffy, glazed donut covered in a cinnamon sugary coating. Become your office favorite and treat your co-workers to a Banbury dozen. 

Tollhouse Pie from The Dodo (1355 East 2100 South // 801.486.2473)

The Dodo is without question reputable for having some of the best desserts in Salt Lake City. Fun fact: my husband and I had our first date at the Dodo, but that certainly wasn’t the first time I tried a slice of Tollhouse Pie. This culinary twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie is a definite Salt Lake City must try. Picture ooey, gooey cookie deliciousness in the size of a giant pie slice with whipped cream and chocolate chips to top off the decadence.  Other amazing pies include their key lime, chocolate mousse, and banana cream. #gimme

A Concrete from Nielsen’s Frozen Custard (570 west 2600 south, Bountiful // 801.292.7479)

There’s nothing better than creamy, thick, homemade custard. Nielsen’s has this art mastered and makes the best custard around. This frozen treat comes great as it is, but if you’re needing a step up from a simple scoop or cone, be sure to try a concrete. Concrete = a very thick shake that you eat with a spoon. Some of my favorites include the caramel cashew, chocolate cookie dough, chocolate almond, and chocolate raspberry (see the theme??). Nielsen’s also has a great selection of ready made pints and quarts of custard to go. They’ve got a Holladay location but I’m known to stick to my roots and enjoy this frozen custard in my motherland of Bountiful. 100% one of the best desserts in Salt Lake City

Cookies from Rubysnap (770 south 300 west // 801.834.6111)

What would Salt Lake City do without Rubysnap?? Owner Tami Steggell knows how to make a perfect cookie that tastes just as delicious as it looks! Head over to their location on 300 west and 700 south for The Mia (vanilla bean sugar cookie with buttercream beet frosting), The Penelope (peanut butter truffle cookie dipped in chocolate), or my personal favorite, The Ricki (Coconut dough cookie filled with soft coconut, almonds, and semi-sweet chocolate). I love you, Ruby.

Chocolate covered Caramels from V Chocolates (850 Main Street // 801.269.8444)

Last year was my first Valentines’ day with my (now) husband. We had a smashing day and I’m convinced my gift of chocolate covered sea salt caramels from V Chocolates sealed the deal. All jokes aside, this is my favorite place to buy a beautiful box of what I consider to be the best caramels in Utah. They have a great selection of ready-to-give items including chocolate covered pretzels, assorted truffles, and their ever-famous chocolate covered caramels. 

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  1. Hi Brooke,
    Today on channel 13 you mentioned that your mom has a recipe for the Dodo’s “Toll House Pie” . I would absolutely LOVE to have that recipe! Would you be so kind to share it with us all? Thanx Brooke, I’m excited to try all your recommendations, I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite websites- Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day!

  2. Add The Baking Hive in East Millcreek to your bucket list. Quaint shop, all of the desserts are delicious and the owner is delightful! Sticky toffee cake and jaguar bars…you can also buy cake by the slice there:)