Top 10 Sushi Restaurants in Salt Lake City

I’m going to start this post off by admitting that although I originate from Japanese ancestry (true story), sushi was very much an acquired taste for me. I grew up with homemade sushi rolls every Christmas Eve, plenty of exposure to traditional Japanese cuisine between my mom and grandmother, and was surrounded by friends and family who loved nothing more than a fresh slab of sashimi. And to make matters worse, I can’t tell you why, where, or when things changed, but the sushi bug bit me, and I’d be lying if I told you that I’d pass on sushi any day of the week. You’ll know that I’ve arrived once I’m ordering takeout from one of these fine places every. single. night. This post is comprised of the best sushi spots in Salt Lake City- everything from traditional to Americanized to downright unconventional. We hope you’ll enjoy this list and comment with some of your personal Salt Lake City favorites. Cheers!

I recently asked a close friend who has been back and forth between SLC and various parts of Japan in the last few years for his most authentic SLC sushi recommendation and Kyoto was at the top of his list (thanks Bridger). My husband and I ate here for lunch on a rainy Saturday and were pleased to see that this authentic Japanese restaurant met its hype. Our service was prompt, friendly, and the waitress gave great recommendations. On top of a few of their rolls, we both enjoyed my new favorite bento box in Salt Lake City. I was appalled that for only $15 I was treated to chicken teriyaki, ebi tempura, gyoza, tuna sashimi, and sushi. They’re off the beaten path, so make sure to pencil this one in!

Kyoto Japanese Restaurant

$$$$ Japanese, Sushi Bars

1080 E 1300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84105 801-487-3525

Kobe Japanese Cuisine (3947 Wasatch Boulevard, Salt Lake City, UT // 801.277.2928)

There must be a theme with strip malls and delicious sushi spots because like others on this list, Kobe is a SLC hidden gem! Most popular for their incredible ramen concoctions (Tonkotsu Ramen pictured), Kobe serves a delectable variety of nigiri, sashimi, and sushi. Under new ownership and worth the drive out of downtown, Kobe Japanese Cuisine is a must on your list!

Sushi Time (2071 East 9400 South, Sandy, UT // 801.944.3386)

I was reluctant to include this family favorite location of mine (secret’s out!), but knew that it 100% deserves to be on this list. Sushi Time is a family owned business and, similar to others on this list, is low-key, inconspicuous, and serves delicious fresh sushi. We’ve come here (and driven far) for this sushi and often celebrate birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries at Sushi Time. My family and I are always impressed with the friendly and prompt service, the quality of every menu item, and the freshness of the fish. They have excellent 2 for $10 or 2 for $20 deals and will accommodate to any customizations you wish to make. Sushi Time favorites include the sunshine roll, the volcano roll, and the hand battered tempura for an appetizer. A great little spot if you’re out in the Sandy area.

Sapa Sushi (722 State Street, Salt Lake City, UT // 801.363.7272)

Among some of the less traditional on this list lies Sapa Sushi, a sushi bar and Asian grill with Vietnamese and Thai influence. This downtown eatery serves everything from Thai noodle dishes to popular Americanized sushi rolls to special house creations. Be sure to try the UFO, Lowrider Roll (off the menu and spicy), or the Maui Wowie. Low priced and eclectic- a great lunch or dinner spot for friends who are adventurous and willing to try something different!


Sushi Groove (2910 East Highland Drive, SLC // 801.467.7420)

Although non-traditional, they’re big and bold when it comes to their unique flare and it intrigued me from the beginning. Sushi Groove is a great SLC hidden gem with a delicious and unique spin on sushi with a fun environment to match it. Check out their $2.50 Tuesdays (2 pieces of nigiri sushi with drink and edamame), live music on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and live DJ nights on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Favorite items include the sashimi, the Coco Loco roll, the Groovalicious roll, and the COOKIE CHALLENGE DESSERT. Not kidding- you’ve never tried anything like this before. Read our full post on Sushi Groove *HERE*.

Sushi Burrito (180 East 800 South, Salt Lake City, UT // 801.995.0909)

Self explanatory. We were pumped to see this creative and quirky transplant to SLC not too long ago. Sushi Burrito is now located in three separate locations (SLC, Provo, and newly opened West Jordan), but we frequent the one on 800 south. Their fresh fish combined with the more than usual amounts of rice require plenty of soy and incredible joy (#foodpoetry). Some of our menu favorites include the shrimp lover, citrus, and vegas burritos.

Takashi (18 West Market Street, Salt Lake City, UT // 801.519.9595)

We saved this post for last because Takashi is (IMHO) the best sushi there is in Salt Lake City (and most definitely on our list of Top 10 Places to Eat in Salt Lake City). There’s a reason they are packed from open to close every day and there’s a reason why they don’t take reservations. If you choose to dine here you can plan on 100% fresh and delicious sushi in a vibrant modern setting with excellent service. Among several dishes, we have enjoyed their calamari, gyoza, and miso soup for starters. My personal favorite menu items are the nigiri sampler, the crunchy ebi roll, and the sunshine roll. Try this local hotspot for your next date downtown and in the meantime read our full post *HERE*.

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  1. So excited to try some of these! We have gone to a few of them and completely agree. I would love to know more recommendations at sushi time in regards to their sushi rolls. Thanks! Love your posts 🙂

    1. Thanks Demarie! At Sushi Time I usually order a sunshine (or is it sunset- roll with salmon and lemon) roll and then usually let the chef choose the rest! He is really creative and I love seeing what he comes up with! Thanks for the love and support. 🙂

  2. I was surprised to see Sushi Time on your list- I live within walking distance of that one but the strip mall ones are always a bit fishy (forgive the pun!).
    I will have to get over there soon to try it. Thank you!

  3. Tsunami is number one for me! Even when I go out of state, tsunami always wins! Try the cucumber salad, their famous ribs, the executive roll and the Don Juan if you like tempura fried. Seriously though you can’t go wrong with any of their rolls.

      1. Yes!! Tsunami is hands down the best! Go with the Don Juan and the sunshine. The sunshine roll is wrapped in soy paper and has tempura shrimp, asparagus, and I believe cucumber, it’s amazing!
        And the Don Juan literally melts in your mouth with the cream cheese, tuna, incumbent, avocado, and it being tempura fried.

  4. I didn’t know that there were so many different kinds of sushi places around. It would be really nice to have fresh sushi wherever you go. One thing I think is key is the freshness of the seafood. You want to make sure that it isn’t frozen but fresh.

  5. I know this is an older post but I got an email with the link yesterday and I am a new subscriber so I have been looking through all of your lists! I definitely agree with all of these, but my husband and I constantly crave the dbd roll (off the menu, South Jordan location) at Tsunami! It is soooo delicious! Paired with the Negima appetizer (steak wrapped around asparagus and drizzled in a sauce with mushrooms I could drink), and as mentioned above the baby back ribs are to die for!!