Kansas City Brunch: Top 10 Picks From A Local

“Hearty” is a great word to describe Kansas City’s food scene. From deliciously large plates of barbecue, to mounds of delicious french fries, Kansas City thrives on large portions of deliciously hearty, homemade meals. Brunch is no exception. With the best in delicious, hearty breakfasts, Kansas City ensures that your first meal of the day will be your only meal of the day. Without further ado, here are Female Foodie’s list of top 10 spots for Kansas City brunch.


10. You Say Tomato

When you walk in, You Say Tomato feels like a charming corner store, complete with a wall full of unique sodas, fruits and vegetables, and homemade bread. But when you come across the tables full of people and the delicious menu, you realize You Say Tomato is much more than a simple store. With a perfectly limited brunch and breakfast menu, including baked French toast, breakfast casserole, and a breakfast croissant, You Say Tomato’s small offerings make for the most delicious breakfast/brunch you’ve ever had. Simple, good, and home grown, You Say Tomato is worth a visit–or two!

You Say Tomato

$$$$ Coffee & Tea, American (Traditional), Breakfast & Brunch

2801 Holmes St, Kansas City, MO 64109 816-756-5097


Eggtc. is a local favorite for Kansas City brunch since opening in 2006 and serves breakfast and brunch all day. With the most expansive breakfast and brunch menu I’ve ever seen, you won’t be able to decide what to get. From eggs, omelets, frittatas, and pancakes, to French toast, waffles, and eggs benedict, Eggtc. has options for any eater. Be sure to go with an empty stomach–you leave full and with leftovers!


$$$$ Breakfast & Brunch, American (Traditional)

5107 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64112 816-561-0116

8.The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse is a newer location that serves brunch only on the weekends–but, boy do they do it right! With a constantly changing menu and new brunch items to try, the Farmhouse focuses on using seasonal ingredients from local farmers, with a couple of chalkboards throughout the location explaining where their ingredients are from. With all of their stocks, sauces, ketchup, syrups, broths and stews made in house, you know you’ll be getting deliciously seasonal, fresh plates. Be sure to try their pancakes, or their delicious biscuits and gravy, pictured above.


$$$$ Breakfast & Brunch, American (Traditional)

5107 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64112 816-561-0116

7. Jax Fish House

When you think of getting delicious seafood, Kansas City doesn’t seem like a good option. Fortunately for its landlocked customers, Jax Fish House provides one of the most delicious seafood brunches in the city. A new offering, their brunch includes anything from bottomless crab, delicious fresh oysters, unique bennies (like the lobster benny above), and one of the best takes on the traditional chicken and waffles–subbing chicken for fried oysters. Be sure to try their cinnamon rolls as well; they are delicious!

Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar – KC

$$$$ Seafood, Breakfast & Brunch

4814 Roanoke Pkwy, Kansas City, MO 64112 816-437-7940

6. Succotash

Succotash is one of the more unique Kansas City brunch locations. Around the corner from Children’s Mercy and Crown Center, Succotash is a favorite of students and anyone that wants a delicious breakfast/brunch. Boasting a full service juice bar (with SO many delicious and refreshing options), vegan and gluten free baked goods, and a menu full of funny treats like a Cake and a Smile (a pancake with egg “eyes” and a bacon “smile”), the Burrito of Love (breakfast burrito wrapped in a pancake), and their famous rainbow cake (7 layers of delicious), Succotash is a unique and fun experience with tons to try. Be sure to go early on the weekends as it’s pretty busy!


$$$$ Breakfast & Brunch, Cafes, Gluten-Free

2601 Holmes St, Kansas City, MO 64108 816-421-2807

5. The Corner Restaurant

The Corner Restaurant is situated on a busy corner in Westport and is extremely busy on weekends. We showed up at 1 PM and still had a half hour wait! But, choosing between their delicious options on their breakfast and brunch menu made the time fly by. Be sure to try the French Toast Stuffed Croissant and a side of biscuits and gravy!

The Corner Restaurant

$$$$ Breakfast & Brunch, American (Traditional)

4059 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64111 816-931-4401

4. BLVD Tavern

BLVD Tavern has one of my favorite Kansas City brunch menus, complete with sweet and savory options and so many unique takes on breakfast foods. Though I ended up choosing the French toast (pictured above), I also had to try the biscuits and gravy (and luckily they have a half option). With a rustic interior and lots of space, BLVD Tavern is a great option for a fun brunch with friends or family.

Blvd Tavern

$$$$ American (New), Gastropubs

320 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108 816-421-1023

3. Beer Kitchen

Beer Kitchen is a well-established restaurant in the heart of Westport. Known for their mac and cheese and beer list, they are extremely popular any day of the week, sometimes resulting in 2 hour wait times. But, Beer Kitchen’s real treat is their brunch. With really fun offerings like green eggs and ham, brunch enchiladas, a bread pudding french toast, and some delicious benedicts, Beer Kitchen is one of the best spots for Kansas City brunch–and everyone knows it!

Beer Kitchen

$$$$ Gastropubs, American (New)

435 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111 816-389-4180

2. Happy Gillis

Happy Gillis is a unique little breakfast/lunch joint in the heart of old Columbus Park. Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, it is known for its unique takes on simple breakfast and lunches. Though they only have a few items on the menu, the menu changes often enough to keep any customer satisfied. As one of the most beloved restaurants in Kansas City, Happy Gillis is a must try–and you can now get breakfast all day! Be sure to get the shrimp and grits and the biscuits and gravy for brunch!

Happy Gillis

$$$$ Sandwiches, Breakfast & Brunch, Cafes

549 Gillis St, Kansas City, MO 64106 816-471-3663

1. Westport Cafe & Bar

And our number one Kansas City brunch spot … Westport Cafe and Bar! For a deliciously Parisian take on brunch, step into Westport Cafe and Bar. With offerings like Pommes Frites, Eggs Norwegian, Creme Madame, Brioche French Toast, and the house favorite Crispy Fried Chicken (one of the best pieces of fried chicken I’ve ever had), Westport Cafe and Bar never disappoints. With a beautiful interior and a complimentary drink with a brunch item, Westport Cafe and Bar is the perfect start to a sophisticated morning.

Westport Cafe and Bar

$$$$ French, Bars, Cafes

419 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111 816-931-4740

Be sure to try all top 10 Kansas City brunches and tell us what you think!


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