The Absolute Best of 2016

Hi Friends!

Can you believe that 2016 has come and gone? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was hanging out with a group of friends on NYE counting down to 2k16. 2016 has been an incredible year here at Female Foodie. After lots of positive encouragement from my sweet hubs, I opened an application to the public for other food and photography enthusiasts to become a member of Female Foodie, or now known as Female Foodie Elite- a group of now nearly 35 women who share a passion for all things food.

Together this group has taken enormous leaps and strides in their photography, writing, social media marketing, and online endeavors with the skills they have learned in Female Foodie Elite. I so underestimated how empowering and inspiring it would be to work with this fantastic group of women. I cannot wait to grow this community even more in 2017- exciting announcement to come soon!

2016 also brought more content on the blog and instagram than ever before! Although Female Foodie began in Salt Lake City, our readers now come from all over the country, most predominantly in Utah, California, Texas, and New York.

Our team of contributors share blog posts from several cities including Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, San Antonio, MilwaukeeKansas City, and Washington DC.

We have also launched several Instagram communities aside from the original @femalefoodie account so that you can keep up with all of the delicious food in Salt Lake City, Utah County, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Dallas, San Antonio, and Chicago, with more to come later this year in Austin, New York, Washington DC, and Portland.

Things to Expect from Female Foodie in 2017:

  • More guide or “list” posts. We love how excited our readers have been over tackling a list of places to eat in different cities! For 2017 we plan to shift more toward these posts while still incorporating individual restaurant posts as needed.
  • More bucket lists! Yes, please! This year we provided free bucket lists of 100 restaurants to try in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles! Next up = Orange County, San Francisco, New York City, and Austin!
  • Less recipes. Yes. A sad moment for myself and others on the team, but we’ve made this decision after much thought with keeping our strong vision and brand for Female Foodie in mind.
  • An open enrollment for readers to join Female Foodie Elite! We will share this exciting announcement with details in the beginning of January. Couldn’t be more excited!
  • More cities. We love how excited our readers are to travel and prioritize delicious food wherever they are. We look forward to growing our team to more locations while providing the same, trustworthy and quality content.
  • Continuing Female Foodie Friday every single week! I love sharing the bits and pieces that make my life great with you!
  • More interaction with YOU. There’s nothing that means more to me than a “hello” from a reader in the grocery store, or a kind comment on a post, or just knowing that you’re there, reading along. It means so much to me and even if it isn’t much, I can’t say THANK YOU enough!

Moving on- I hope you enjoy this conglomeration of the most popular and favorite posts from 2016! Thanks again for a fantastic year and here’s to 2017!

Most Viewed Guide Posts of 2016

These are the guide or list posts that were viewed the most online in 2016.

10. 100 Best Things To Buy at Trader Joe’s 

9. Top 10 Salads To Eat in Salt Lake City

8. 5 Best Places to Eat in Logan

7. Top 10 Treats in Salt Lake City

6. Top 10 Salt Lake City Mexican Restaurants

5. Best Places to Eat in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

4. Best Places to Eat in Utah County

3. Top 10 Burgers in Salt Lake City

2. 15 Best Breakfast & Brunch Spots in Salt Lake City

1. Top 10 Places to Eat in Salt Lake City

Most Viewed Restaurant Posts of 2016

These are the restaurant posts that were viewed the most in 2016.

10. Lone Star Taqueria

9. The Protein Foundry

8. Black Sheep Cafe Sugarhouse

7. Proper Burger Co.

6. Chedda Burger

5. Coppercreek Pub & Grub

4. From Scratch

3. Create Donuts

2. Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade

1. Even Stevens Sandwiches Breakfast

Most Viewed Recipe Posts of 2016

These are the recipes that were viewed the most in 2016.

10. Twix Cupcakes

9. Salted Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

8. Overnight French Toast

7. Dessert Crepes

6. Breakfast Omelets

5. Smoked Salmon

4. Chocolate Lava Cakes

3. Grilled Rack of Lamb

2. Almond Joy Cookies

1. Loaded Buffalo Chicken Nachos

My Favorite Posts of 2016

These are the posts that, for no particular rhyme or reason, I enjoyed creating the most in 2016.

My Favorite Bloggers and their Favorite Restaurants

Best Sushi in Salt Lake City

10 Ways to Eat Out Often & Stay Healthy

Best Restaurants in West Yellowstone

10 Gifts Every Foodie Will Love

Top 5 Things To Consider When Leaving a Tip

Best Restaurants in Park City

6 Best Ski Resorts & Mountain Dining in Utah

Valter’s Osteria

Favorite 15 Restaurants in Portland

Happy New Year friends and family! Thanks for the continued love and support. With love, Brooke

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  1. Brooke–I just love what you are doing 🙂 Next time I’m in Salt Lake I would love to catch up! Happy eating in 2017!!

    1. Thanks so much Ally- you have always been so thoughtful to positively cheer me on! Love you and your family so much- would LOVE to get together next time you’re in town! Happy new year. 🙂